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Join me as I adventure around the world and share personal experiences from Peace Corps, travel, and overall life.

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A Whole New World

Guys. Wix’s App now allows me to create a blog post FROM MY PHONE! This changes everything, especially since I am no longer tethered to silly WiFi. I can now tell you things immedietely after (or during who knows I could feel inspired) they happen or still wait 3 months to keep the suspense...or rather because I forgot.

Either way, I am estatic to inform you all it is now easier to post and will start post haste!

For now enjoy this information and a photo of Isla and I on a truck from the past week.

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Join Morgan as she explores Vanuatu, reminisces over past experiences, films and writes about overall life experiences as a clumsy, whisky drinking, dog obsessed, traveler.

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Photo by Leah Kalfal