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Captain’s Log: Month Two

I’m going to be truthful: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.

I could talk about how being here isn’t easy but how I also don’t want to go. I could tell you I’ve binged watched more seasons of tv than one should admit within a month and a half at site. I could tell you how it blows that my host family is always m.i.a and how it can get unmistakably lonely at site even though I’m surrounded by people. I could tell you how much I miss fridges, washing machines, and flowing water. We could talk about how I’ve shit myself more times than I’d like to admit or how my dog died and I was gently intoxicated for a week mourning her and trying to figure out why I’m sick. I’ve learned sitting all day is super boring. I also learned trying to get people to help you is a challenge within itself. We could talk about how I have a parrot now named Friendo Papaya I, Popo for short. Or talk about the how kids here are hilarious and know way more than I do. Oh maybe I could tell you about how all the mama’s laugh as I attempt to work on my garden.

But truthfully, it’s kinda just day to day here. I put pressure on myself to blog but then whenever I go to write about the important things and then realize I sound jaded already so then I ramble and never post it. But here I am posting this rambling nonsense. Honestly two months down, things are fine. Still trying to find my footing, still in awe of Vanuatu’s beauty, and really embracing being on my own. I just don’t have much to report, this month was challenging but I’m still here and ready to see what next month holds. Maybe I’ll come back and embellish more about the above but just know I’m doing alright and learning how to take care of a parrot.

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