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Creating a Blog Blows

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I'm just going to come right out and say it: creating a blog BLOWS.

Let me continue to express my hatred in the act of creating a blog.

*ehem begin rant*

Picture Perfect I'm the type of person who wants everything to look perfect, especially if someone is going to read/view/consume its content.

However, as you can see on the right here in my preschool photo, I have a tendency to also add a little imperfect flare. (The gorgeous heart rings were obviously my addition, the cheeky grin is because they are stamp rings and all the other kids had hearts on their faces or hands in their school photos.) This contradiction is the bane of any blogger because no matter WHAT you do, something doesn't align right or you can't find the perfect gif and so on.

Coding - Not a Language I Speak

I wish I could speak coding fluently, unfortunatley it does not come naturally to me. To all you coders out there, I tip my hat to you because dang html ain't easy. So whenever I want to change specific code, I promise I'll call y'all for help.

Time Consuming

Creating a blog is extremely time consuming because it's a place for others, not just yourself. If you're like me you're impatient, you want it to be like you've had the blog for years. You go through numerous templates, draft posts, scroll through years of photos, and by the time you feel you've got something great your computer freezes. It's frustrating but it's worth it.

It Makes You Insanely Happy

Putting in the time and effort, means you have created something that is truly yours. All of the frustrations and possibly fuming to the point of wanting to throw your computer *What? Throw my computer...I would never....*, means you get to sit back and see your work published out there on the interwebs.

*end of rant*

**If anyone has any tips for using Wix please feel free to share them!

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