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Daunderlust - The Meaning Behind The Name

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Daunderlust - compulsion to meander.

Daunder: noun || 1. to walk or amble 2. a bout of quaking or trembling

verb || 3. to amble or walk 4. to talk without making sense 5. to shudder or quake

Lust: noun || 1. very strong sexual desire

verb || 2. have a very strong sexual desire for someone

synonyms: desire, fancy, crave, passion

I wish I could take credit for this name but I stumbled across the phrase a long time ago while studying at the University of Glasgow. I immediately fell in love and thought it was commonly used. However when starting this blog, I did a bit more digging to make sure credit is given where it's due.

Peter Ross is a talented author and journalist who has written two books: The Passion of Harry Bingo and you guessed it, Daunderlust. His second book, and the one which my blog name is coined from, is a fantastic collection of Ross's articles about the eclectic country of Scotland.

I moved to Scotland when I was 23 but first visited when I was 22. As you may know, I moved over 11 times by the time I was 16 - be it houses or states. The feeling of "home" was foreign to me, until I stepped off the bus from London in Edinburgh before Easter break. If love at first sight is kilts, bagpipes, junkies*, chippies, and gorgeous land then sign me up.

It hit me a few weeks later when I returned to visit Glasgow, this is what "home" must feel like. I fell madly in love with the people and the land. I spent almost the entirety of my early twenties in Scotland and never wanted to leave. In a previous post when I explained how I thought Scotland was my forever home, I meant it. My visa ended in December 2016 and I was truly heartbroken. I have never lived in such a loving, weird, and welcoming community as you'll find in Scotland. The back cover of Ross's book describes it perfectly:

"Daunderlust is an exotic mix, Scotland as she really is - not without problems and pain, but made great by the people who live, love, laugh and graft here. From anatomists who find dissection beautiful to chip-shop owners who sing arias while serving fish suppers, the Scots in these pages are eccentric, humorous, moving, and extraordinary."

- Daunderlust

Scots are compassionate, dark humoured, strong, hard to understand, kilt wearing, stubborn arseholes and I love them with my entire being. Which is why when I sought out a name, I wanted it's roots to be Scottish.

Daunder is the Scottish word for a walk, slowly mind you. This is fitting because I'm doing this whole traveling, growing up thing at my own pace. No need to rush anywhere. Lust fits in with wanderlust and explains not just my desire to travel, but my need to travel. It's apart of who I am, who I am going to be. I'm sure you'll agree, Daunderlust is undoubtably fitting for my blog.

Please do however check out, buy, and read Peter Ross's books. You can find them easily on Amazon (linked above) and be sure to follow him on social media.

*junkies is a common phrase used in Scotland. I do not mean anything derogatory by it, nor do I think the word represents Scotland as a whole.

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