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Packing Wish List - Let's Talk About Stuff Baby!

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

There is no doubt in my mind every PCV freaks out about what to pack before departure. I've gone through previous PC's blogs, asked current volunteers what they brought or feel is truly needed, and repeatedly talked with Group 30 (my group) to try and figure out what we need but I think I've finally compiled a list of what I'm going to take and what I'd still like to get. This post is all about my wish list and I promise before I depart to write about what I'm taking.

I found a theme throughout previous volunteers packing advice - though it might be more money for some items, quality is truly needed. So when numerous family and friends asked how they can help support me or mentioned they would like to get something I need before I go (which first off is so increadibly kind), I decided to make a list.

^^ Very real representation of me trying to figure out PC packing ^^

I am unfathomably grateful I have such a great support group and that not everyone thinks I'm crazy for going to live in a hut.

I would also like to stress to everyone, you do not have to donate. I am fortunate with a great job and have already gathered a fair amount of what I need.

However, I am so thankful to anyone who would like to help me obtain some of the bigger items I still need. I can humbly say I am the queen of finding discounts and ask those who would like to help support me to donate through the security of PayPal* rather than buying something outright.

So dear family and friends thank you for your support. If you do choose to donate:

1. Any amount is a wonderful amount!

2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

3. All donations will go straight towards getting the following (see below)!

4. You are the best human being even if you don't donate!

5. Did I mention thank you?!

Below is the original list written with this post, to see the updated wish list please click here.

Wish List**:

- Waterproof Watch: nothing fancy just waterproof, reliable, and not crazy heavy/big.

- Tool Kit: I would love Leatherman Signal Multi-tool.

- Solar Generator/Panels: Most of my energy will be solar so panels are perfect for the next two years. I edit a lot of film thus using my computer a fair amount, so I want to make sure I don't surge my equipment when charging (especially don't want to mess up my cameras). Currently looking at Goal Zero Sherpa 50 or Sherpa 100.

- Power Banks: on the topic of power, I'm also looking at Goal Zero Rechargeable Batteries/Pack.

- Rechargable Batteries: Also extra rechargeable batteries in AA & AAA.

- Dry Sacks: I've been told dry sacks are a must and if they have straps (to become a backpack) even better!

- E-Reader: We will have a lot of down time, so reading will be a wonderful use of time. I'm loving the idea of the Oasis Kindle E-Reader because it is waterproof!!! And people can send books with the ease of one click!

- French Press/Milk Frother: I adore coffee and would love to still wake up to my morning cuppa. I'm looking at Snow Peak's Latte Bundle with their HotLips Mug.

- Portable Shower: I may or may not have running water and most likely will have to clean myself with a bucket. However I might be able to avoid this using a portable shower.

- LifeStraw Universal: Water is needed but not always filtered thus needing the amazing LifeStraw Universal which I can attach to my waterbottles.

*For those who asked if I have Venmo.

**I have added a Wish List page to make it easier as things/needs change!

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