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Prep, Family Time, & A Whole Lot Of Not Writing

I’ve been m.i.a. There isn’t a big reason why, it’s simply I just didn’t want to write. When I was preparing my road trip from Colorado to Massachusetts with Katie, I realized I wanted to enjoy my time before I left for this life-altering adventure. Now 2* (3 oh geez maybe 4, I really did not want to write) months later, sitting on my twin mattress on a rainy day in the South Pacific finally feeling ready to update y’all.

What’s been going on?

So Long CO - End of Feb - March:

Leaving Colorado was strangely difficult. Not in a bad way, but surprisingly so. See I didn’t arrive back in the States as a whole human, I was heartbroken and struggling to figure out what my next steps would be. Now almost two years later, it still seems like just yesterday I left Scotland and yet a lifetime ago all in one. I never thought I’d be over leaving the UK and didn’t know how I’d associate Colorado in my life. If you all didn’t know already, I’m a pretty sentimental person. I’m that gal who knows every “important date” or presses the first flowers given in a relationship and so on. Which is why I had no idea what my romantic perception would make of 303, would it heal me or would I still be a struggle bus? Thank the overlords it was the latter cause your girl did not want to be a miserable mess anymore. (Fun fact, I’m still struggle bussing along but ya know… just not getting over leaving the country I adore and an ex) With a lot of love from family, friends, and weed (sorry mom and work, I promise it was legal), I left Colorado feeling excited and sad all in one.

And thus my Vanuatu adventure began, said goodbye to family, friends, my vape, and started the drive to the east coast from Littleton with tears streaming down my face. Thankfully Katie, a beloved friend, was with me to remind me of the adventure ahead. Katie was my rock during the entire 35+ hour drive. She, as you’re about to hear, spent the first hour of our road trip listening to me talk about everyone who had helped shaped me here:

My brother and sister-in-law, Park & Kelsi. I wish I could explain how much it meant to me to be so close to them. Park and I haven’t lived near each other since he was 18. We both went down pretty different paths, his the military and then Colorado whereas I went overseas, so being practically neighbors was WILD! I really admire my brother and am beaming with pride as he just opened his own gym in Boulder, CO. He’s also just a really freaking cool guy with an even cooler wife. She’s his glue and I finally got to witness the amazing human being who wiped my bro into shape. She is the sassiest, kindest, and unfathomably hardworking lady and I’m so glad I got to spend some time near them both.

Never thought I’d say this but I’m going to miss my “squad”. Morgan, Maggie, Kelley, Kimyana, Rosie, & Laura - These ladies were there from day one in CO ready to laugh, cry, consume copious amounts of wine (Cheers Magz) and always down for an amazing time. I am so thankful for all the road trips, nights out, movie nights, hilarious adventures, and more. I miss you all tremendously but am super thankful for the past year.

The W family are one of the best families I have ever nannied for. They took me in, literally. At the end of the year, I was struggling to save for Peace Corps, pay rent, and be a sane human so when I asked if I could move in for 2 months, they let me. Picture 2 kids, a dog, AND a 26 year old who isn’t your blood and trying to figure out life all under one roof. It’s a LOT. Nevertheless, they did it with open arms and it worked really well (or so I think…they could’ve been lying to me…). I cannot express my gratitude for their support and loving hearts. I miss those two goobers, E & B, every day. I also miss my main man, Louie. He’s their dog. I love him and, I kid you not, cried for hours thinking he might think he’s a bad pup because he doesn’t know why I left. Anyways, I consider them family and miss them something terrible.

The actual road trip:

Now you understand a little bit about why leaving was so challenging, I was peacing out of a good life, bout to give up everything comfortable to go live in the unknown, in a hut, in the middle of the South Pacific. This is where Katie literally flew in.

Katie is the bomb. She and I were both in Vanuatu Peace Corps, sadly she had to leave after training due personal reasons but doesn’t change how much I consider her family. She barely knew me yet offered to fly out and drive back with me to Massachusetts if I could drop her off in Philadelphia. I was immediately on board and if there’s ever a way to bond with someone quickly - a 35+ drive across the country is a winner.

Taking 3 hour shifts, we drove 10+hrs to Kansas City, Missouri, 9+hrs to Lexington, Kentucky, 6+hrs to Charlottesville, Virginia, and 6+ more to Allentown, Philadelphia. Once I dropped her off it was 6 more to Amesbury, Massachusetts which happen to be the LONGEST 6 hours of the drive because she wasn’t with me. Since it’s been some time since the journey, here’s a link to Katie’s blog post (she’s better at updating faster than I am). I can tell you though, we meet some amazing friends of friends, stayed and got some reboot time with some of my favorite humans EVER - Quarles and Rachel. We went to a hockey game, played boggle with some bomb vegetarian food, and checked out a sweet Jazz bar. The consumption of coffee and nuggets was plentiful, possibly more than one should and peed off a ledge while watching birds fly by - it was glorious.

Home again, home again:

Arriving around dinner time, I surprised my parents with a “Hi guys” during their evening news. Thankfully they hadn’t changed the locks otherwise my plan would’ve been spoiled and I would’ve missed their surprised, excited faces. Though it didn’t last long because I also became a complete couch potato. There’s something about arriving in your childhood home and not wanting to do anything. It was so refreshing to be able to just chill for a hot minute but alas chores a thing. I ended up dividing my time between my sister’s place in Boston and my parents home.

The next month was spent with spontaneous family dance parties, spending as much time with my sister, bro-in-law, and their kids, going on road trips with my parents to Canada, and soaking in as much family time as possible. Also my family helped me with my nerves with the one way ticket to Vanuatu.

I miss everyone terribly but I can say though homesickness will be touched on later, I’m thankful I’m here but even more thankful I had the time to just be before I left.

* Fun fact - I was just interrupted by kids to go snorkeling because the sea cow FINALLY came to the shallow water! So we all ran to the water, with popo and our snorkel gear to find it. Only saw the head but I watched it eat the popo AND finally saw a sea turtle. Life is good.

  • Fun fact bakagain - it took me almost 2-3 weeks to continue this post. Life is busy.

  • Fun fact bak bakagin - I actually took me about 3 months to finish this post. Life continues to be busy.

  • Fun fact bak bak bakagin - took me 4 months - oooo sori.

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