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Vaguely Exhilarating - The Art of Trying To Plan With No Details

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Normal Conversation between Group 30 (leaving for Vanuatu in April) to Group 29:

Group 30 - "Do we need said item?"

Group 29 - "You do you!"

Group 30 - "But...like do we need this? How do you do this or that?"

Group 29 - "Ah don't worry, you'll be fine!"

Group 30 - "Totally loving the island vibe I'm getting from ya but...could you answer the question?"

Normal Conversation between Group 30 and Peace Corps Offices:

Group 30 - "When do we hear about our legal clearance?"

PC Office - "2-3-4-5-million months"

Group 30 - "Wait what?"

I'm highly exaggerating, we know some details and the current volunteers have been LIFESAVERS! Let's take a second to appreciate how kind, awesome, and encouraging the current volunteers are. They answer our questions repeatedly, no matter how small, without hesitation. It is extremely validating to see as they joke with us about spiders, life on the island, and how the #struggleisreal, how close they have all become. They went through this together and show us newbies we are never alone in this journey.

Still as I navigate through their inside jokes, random spurts of Bislama, and advice, I found it really does come down to "you do you".

I personally believe the Peace Corps wants to be vague in what's happening because it is part of the build up. Similar to a roller-coaster, slowly trekking to the top before we plunge down for the ride of our lives. That being said, it's nerve-wracking trying to figure out what is going to happen before we leave. I am fully prepared to be unprepared when I land in Vanuatu - bring on the adventures I say! But...please guide me to be ready for the unexpected before the flight!

When I travel, I embrace the unknown. I adore it. Put me on a bus and say "Here's a one way ticket to France, find a way to get back with less than 20 bucks." I'll grab that ticket, my passport, a trusty bag, and be off without a second thought (true story). But this is different, I'm moving someplace and living there for 27 months. I've never had to plan for something so long term.

"Long term?! What on earth are you talking about Morgan? Two years is nothing!"

I hear you readers, I hear you but guess what - I haven't lived in the same place consistently in...7...10 years? Be it changing flats, states, countries, I was always on the move. When I lived in Scotland, I lived in 5 different places in 1.5 years. Just this past year in Colorado, I have lived in 2 apartments and 1 home. I just move...a lot. But never in one place, so my dear readers 2 years is forever in my mind.

Questions like "What do we need? What should I bring? What do I do with myself? Who, what, when, where, why, how?!!!!" play in my head like that annoying commercial theme song you can't kick. I found myself awkwardly dancing when asked these questions.

Aka so excited I can't help but dance because I have literally no idea what I'm doing. I titled this post "The Art of Trying to Plan with No Details", and I have two words for you:

Let go.

I've decided to do just that. However if you know me at all, like even in passing you'll see this is not my strong suit. Nevertheless, I swear the vagueness of Peace Corps has become exhilarating, freeing, and only makes me more excited to find out what the next two years will hold

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