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I've written about the stresses of packing for the Peace Corps, especially when you're going to live in a remote and humid island. I had an amazing response from loved ones wanting to help so I created a wish list page. This list will change throughout from what I need/would like before my travels, to what would be helpful for the school, to what would be a treat from the outside world. If you would like to donate or send me something here's the place to look! 

Thank you all! 

Care Package Goodies

Care Packages are sas (expensive) but bring tremendous joy to Peace Corps Volunteers. 

Good ideas for Goodies:

- Always anything for the kids - stickers (tons), maps, reading books, pens, pencils, anything they could use at school would be major. If you felt like getting fancy and sending one of those science project or phonics games etc you'd be a hero. 

- Protein - Honestly we don't get a lot of that. Our diets are pretty limited and half the time gives us sicksick wota so protein snacks that will keep are super important.

- Junk Food/Snacks - yup on the opposite side of the spectrum, junk food is comforting. Stuff like the mac n cheese powder (just the powder, it can be bought in bulk on amazon) and M&M's or any chocolate or anything from Trader Joe's will make your volunteer happy.

- Easily made on Stoves/Over Fire Food

- Drink Mixes - with electrolytes (my favorite tend to be in the strawberry/kiwi/raspberry/mango/pineapple world)

- Spices and Extract - Spices and vanilla are sas. I'm talking one jar of cinnamon is close up to $10. This is a great way to help your volunteer spice up their food. 

- Cooking supplies - good ole silicone utensils are amazing. 

- Fun things to decorate - Laminated pictures, cute stuff from the dollar section in Target, anything to spice up the house or classroom is AMAZING. 

- New clothes - Fun fact they have to have the tag on them because if they don't Vanuatu charges a tax on used clothes. But sending this will make your volunteer happy because I'm sure they've already dirtied, ripped, or lost items. 

- Essential Oils - these will help make your hut smell nice and calm you down on stressful days.

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